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C# Advanced Series

How This Series Works:

If you are not familiar with C# programming yet, be sure to complete every lesson in the C# Basics Series, or you will likely be lost!

The C# Advanced Series is layed out differently from the C# Basics Series. This series is arranged by topics such as Search, Design, etc.. Under each topic, the lessons are listed in the order they should be viewed, often building up to increasingly more complex lessons on that topic. There are some exceptions to this, particularly in sections like "Design". Note that you don't need to watch the topics in the order presented; in most cases, the contents of each topic do not build off the contetns of other topics. For example,  you may choose to start with Design and skip Search entirely if you wish. Lessons are color-coded by type: 

           Blue backgrounds cover Design Pattern. These are techniques to help in the design of your project's code.

           Orange backgrounds cover Data Structures. These are constructs such as Lists that provide ways to manipulate data.

           Green backgrounds cover Algorithms. These show the specific steps you can take to tackle specific programming problems.

           Purple backgrounds are Miscellaneous topics. These cover a broad spectrum of things, such as C# language tricks. 

           Red backgrounds are Conceptual topics. These are topics which cover core CS concepts that don't fit into other categories.

By the end of this series, you should be quite comfortable with C# and should be able to tackle tricky problems.

Coming Soon!

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