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Games I made

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden is a deceptively intricate game for a seemingly-simple match-3 puzzler! It's Bejeweled with a twist: you can unlock items to purchase with points gained by matching different vegetables. A series of interesting rules, such as matching based on different vegetables of the same color, will allow for different angles of play. Items can be used during the game to offer various options, and many item synergies exist! Furthermore, there are multiple achievements that can be unlocked to grant permanent bonuses for future runs of the game!

This game is currently available for both your browser and for Android. Please let me know if you find bugs or problems, or have any feedback!

Tispy Blox

Tipsy Blox (WIP)

This is an alpha for the current game I'm working on. Though the core gameplay is mostly complete, I am still adding new levels.

This is a puzzle game with a focus on tilting your phone to move various shapes around each level's obstacles. The goal is simple: get the colored blocks into the zones of matching colors. However, new obstacles will be introduced as you progress, including spikes, trap-doors, fans, and gravity-shifting mechanisms!

NOTE: Early versions of this app will be large in size; app size will eventually be smaller.

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