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Unity Basics

How This Series Works:

Be sure to take the C# Basics Series before starting this one, unless you already know how to program with C#.

Each section in this series corresponds to standalone project, representing a single game, with various parts (episodes):

           Blue backgrounds are Core episodes. Each of these will implement some significant part of the game.

           Green backgrounds are Information episodes. They are usually "tips-and-tricks" lessons. You should watch all of these.

By the end of this series you should be able to make simple games with Unity on your own!

Game 1 : Invaders of the Galaxy

Part 0 - Hello Unity

We'll do a Hello World for Unity by making something - anything - happen for our new game.

More Coming Soon!

Game 2 - Millipede 

More Coming Soon!

Game 3: Man Of Jump

More Coming Soon!

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