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Back to work

I've been working on the project a bit at a time, some weeks more than others. Though I haven't posted about it for a while, my progress has been relatively steady. It's hard to post all the updates made between the last post and this one... so I won't =). However, I will try to start making steadier updates where I will at least mention what I did recently, to keep me motivated.

Today, for example, was rather uninteresting, since my only change was making some structural changes to event handling in order to remove some points of confusion in the event code. This was a result of having trouble making simple changes last week to make abilities end the player's turn.

On a different note, reminder to self to be cautious about watching streams from game dev industry gurus when seeking inspiration; these guys are so good at what they do that they can make you feel less capable, and based on the way they answer questions, I'm not convinced they ever do something as silly as write code with bugs or with imperfect design structure. Here's to finding game dev streams by people who are a bit more at my own skill level =).

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