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Showing Buffs

As one wise saying goes, "All good things start with buffs". Well, nobody actually ever said that, and it doesn't make any sense, but that doesn't change the fact that today I added a display for persistent effects like buffs and curses! You can see that in the pic below:

What's more, I used my tooltip control to add tooltips to it with relative ease:

This feature turned out to be easier than expected, despite having to fix a few bugs along the way. Luckily I had some good early design on buffs/enchantments, as I had foreseen the need to do something like this. It's nice to be able to dive in and get something working.

On a related note, I thought for a bit about how much of this feature to get done in one sitting. Sure, the buffs here will display and expire as needed, and they have a tooltip, but they lack other features such as displaying what the effect does, and how long before they expire. But I thought about it and decided that these details are best left as a future polish task, for two reasons:

1) Doing too much in one sitting will make such tasks daunting in the future, without much to gain from getting it all done perfectly now.

2) Having small, simple tasks like this to do in the future is actually a positive; it's like a little bite-sized code snack that is simple enough to do in a sitting and the perfect task to gain some momentum on a lazy day.

So I will add such details in the future.

My next task will probably be to add some weapons and armors so to finally get done with my initial "prototype loop", so I can work with what I'd consider a somewhat functional prototype.

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