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Custom Adventures

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Name Pending. I've been working on a game. Like all games I've worked on, it dominates my thoughts basically 100% of the time when I'm not actively focused on something else (and even then, it sometimes finds its way into my thoughts). Sounds like good inspiration, but honestly it's a bit of a burden most of the time. I just hope the game actually leads to something this time around.

I've been working on the game very actively. I don't have a name for it, but the Unity project is called CustomAdventures. As the name implies, the genre is based on adventures which are somewhat customized by the player, in this case through deck-building. It's inspired by mechanics from many games which I loved, but just because the game has the word "card" and "deck" doesn't mean it's inspired by games like Magic or Hearthstone; this is totally different! For one, it's a single player game only.

The premise is that you create player, ability, dungeon and item decks and delve into dungeons in which the challenges are populated by the cards drawn from your decks. For example, walking into a room will draw 2 cards from the dungeon deck, which might spawn enemies or create treasures. Opening the treasure chests will draw from your loot chest. Combat is 2D grid tactical turn-based, but you control a single character and move him with the arrow keys, so it's much more fast-paced than the typical game of that genre.

Overall the game is a 2D roguelite with deck-building elements. It's inspired by games like Darkest Dungeon, Slay The Spire, Hand Of Fate, and the old MTG Shandalar side-game. I'll give more details in future posts. Here is a screenshot (bear in mind, it's currently all prototype art):

The bar at the bottom are three abilities you can use. On the bottom left is the Character Deck, which gives you abilities to draw from as you level up. This deck is created by you and brought into the dungeon, representing your character's build. To the right of that is the ability deck; as you use abilities, you draw another from here. On the bottom right is the dungeon deck; as you enter rooms in the dungeon, you will draw from here to find out what will be in that room. To the left of that is your loot deck; opening treasure chests or bags of loot will draw from here. On the map we can see the character and a treasure chest that was spawned earlier from a card. This shows maybe about 20% or less of what is currently done... but there's much more to be done.

More updates in the future.

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